Best Home Theater Projector

To produce a truly inspiring home theater you need to start while using the best home cinema front projector that’s capable of displaying complete 1080p high definition. Depending on the dimensions of your room, projectors can certainly display any screen sizing from 70 to 150″ or even more to immerse yourself inside a movie experience.

There are usually three different types of technology employed in front projection models which are LCD, DLP, in addition to LCOS. LCD represents Liquid Crystal Display and uses similar technology compared to that found in LCD flat screen televisions. They are around the lower side on the price range, while certainly not performing quite as good as the other 2. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing and its best pro is in reducing movement blur. LCOS stands for Liquid Crystal on Silicone and almost combines the two other varieties into 1. They are in the upper end on the price range, but hold the top contrast ratios in addition to black levels which the majority of people agree are the most crucial factors in obtaining a good image. For more information CNET carries a solid article about LCD compared to DLP or LCOS.

Best-Projector-Sony-VPLHW30ESThere are many brands of home theater projectors which include Panasonic, Epson, Sony, Optoma, Mitsubishi, BenQ, Acer, plus several more. Pricing ranges from about $600 for second-class 720p types to more than three thousand dollars for exceptional 1080p versions with 3d images. Yet, the cost will be continually dropping and you may find quality units inside $1000 to $1500 range.

If you merely demand the very best rated style then select the Sony VPLHW30ES which is capable of displaying a 300 inch image. It utilizes Sony’s model of LCOS that they call SXRD to make an awesome video.

The model that could be viewed as the top value home theatre projector would be the BenQ W1070 which costs $999. It is a DLP projector that outputs in complete high definition and as well 3D.


If you are on a tight budget then you could possibly check out the Acer H6510BD DLP Projector which costs a very reasonable seven hundred dollars. It is also a 3D projector along with full 1080p video resolution.


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